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P0rnography has deeply troubling effects on young people, but there are ways we can minimise the harm

For many young people, pornography has become the default sex educator. Children and young people are encountering pornography in greater numbers, at younger ages, and with a wider variety of content, influencing young people’s sexual lives. Research evidence from around the world shows porn has harmful impacts on young people and adults alike. Some impacts [...]

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Fighting the insidious rise of deepfakes

Deepfake software has becoming increasingly sophisticated and easy to use, which means nearly anyone can now create explicit material using someone's image. Young Australian Noelle Martin found this out to her horror when she discovered explicit images of her face on the bodies of adult film actresses online. She had never had a boyfriend, never [...]

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An Open Letter on the Dangers of Normalising Sex Dolls & Sex Robots

We are a coalition of humanists, parents, women’s groups, survivors, academics, and activists campaigning against commercial objectification of human beings who are concerned with the normalisation of “sex robots”. These technologies are developed and backed by academic and business robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) communities who have to date, the loudest voices shaping the policy [...]

Our Culture Of Objectification Is Not Good Enough For Our Girls

Flickr Images Citizens of Australia, we have a problem. This problem is directly impacting our entire population. It can lead to depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, body issues, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction and social isolation. The problem is the sexual objectification of women, and at the root of that is misogyny. Women are being [...]

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