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Horses Who Heal: How Equine Therapy is Helping Traumatised Children

One year ago, 13-year-old Shamanii avoided other kids and suffered such severe anxiety she didn't want to go to school. Now, in the words of her mother Alma, Shamanii is "loving school, absolutely loving it". "She’s putting herself out there, auditioning for productions. She’s made a whole lot of new friends." All because of a [...]

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Deprivation In Early Childhood Can Affect Mental Health In Adulthood

Experiencing severe deprivation and neglect in childhood can have a lasting psychological impact into early adulthood, finds a unique study which has followed the mental health of a group of children adopted from Romanian institutions to UK families in the 1990s. Despite living in strong and supportive families for over 20 years, many children exposed [...]

Dealing With School Anxiety: Powerful Things That Adults Can Do

Anxious kids are brave kids. They are creative, thoughtful and have the potential to light the world on fire, every one of them, often in unexpected ways. When anxiety takes hold though, it’s overwhelming. It can shut down their potential, their engagement with the world and their self-belief. It feels awful and life becomes more about [...]

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