Girls Get A’s Then Get Surgery

I have a saying that my teaching colleagues will be able to appreciate. Interesting kids have very interesting parents. I spent the past two years resisting invitations from schools to give parent talks. My reasoning was that whilst after 15+ years teaching, I can speak with some authority with regards to working with school students, [...]

Spending Time With Parents Boosts Social Skills and Confidence in Teens

As children grow up, they become increasingly distant from their parents and while some parents think that the dwindling time spent with their teenager is simply a sign of their child's budding independence and evolution into adulthood, new findings suggest that private parents-child encounters during the time of adolescence are especially important for an individual's [...]

Social sensitivity is key to success; and women have lots

A new study has emerged, Evidence for a Collective Intelligence Factor in the Performance of Human Groups, which examines the hypothesis that groups (like individuals) do have characteristic levels of intelligence, known as collective intelligence, which can be measured and used to predict the groups’ performance on a wide variety of tasks. It seems that [...]