5 Steps for Supporting Strengths in Students

flickr One of the most exciting research findings from positive psychology is the amazing wellbeing boosts that can be achieved when we harness our own strengths, and the strengths of our children or students. It seems that when we know what our strengths are - or  when our children and students can identify [...]

Is It A Strength If You’re Not Good At It

Strengths-based-approaches are nothing new in education. Tap into what I student is good at, and use that to leverage their ability across the curriculum. But what if I asked you, “What is a strength? What are your strengths?” As adults we sometimes find it hard to articulate. What do you mean strength? Do you mean [...]

The Student Success Model

Over the past 10 years, the research company Gallup have surveyed over a million US students with regard to their strengths, levels of hope and engagement and their wellbeing.   Gallup recently published their Student Success Model in which they described some of the wellbeing factors that impact on success.   1. Strengths identification remains as simple as [...]