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Why do kids tweet?

Never mind that, why do adults tweet? I’m an avid member of the Twitterati… and I tend to roll my eyes when I hear people dismissing it as nothing more than a window into the narcissistic lives of celebrities.   A recent piece of research by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic) revealed the [...]

Web giants unite to stop child abuse

The world's largest and most popular internet sites are in secret discussions to create a system that could wipe child abuse images from the web. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Twitter and at least three other companies have signed up to, or are talking about, the project which would lead to the creation of a single database. [...]

Youth skim surface of life with constant use of social media

They suffer from FOMO and FONK. Four in five say they haven't found their passion in life. With more information at their fingertips than any generation in history, today's under 30s live their lives ''a mile wide and an inch deep'', and they're so busy keeping up with their social media feeds they have no [...]

Grog groups accused of targeting minors on social media

Alcohol brands have flocked to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, posting competitions, cocktail recipes and even TV advertisements. The ads are bright, fun and at the fingertips of children. Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton says it is out of control. "Social media is a huge opportunity with a lot more power and [...]

Charlotte Dawson | Twitter trolls

Online community manager and social media consultant Laurel Papworth said that, by responding to and retweeting attacks such as calls for her to "go hang herself" - and even calling the boss of a woman who abused her online, Dawson gave her enemies the oxygen they craved. "You never give bullies oxygen and you never [...]

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Some hard lessons on social media

What have we learned about Social Media this week?  This week three schoolgirls were suspended for posting a mockumentary video on Youtube, in which they offered sexual favours saying they were, “Offering a public service that would help prevent unwanted sexual attacks on others.”  Michael Carr-Gregg said it was a spectacular failure of the SA [...]

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