Dr Emma Goodall

Some of the thinking styles and ways of experiencing the world that typify autistic people can create barriers to learning in traditional ways. The interplay between strengths, interests and effective learning for autistic students will be explored in an upcoming Generation Next seminar by autism consultant, teacher, blogger and published author – Dr Emma Goodall.

As the Manager of Disability & Complex Needs at the Department for Education in South Australia, Dr Goodall is responsible for the review of programs and the development and implementation of research-based policy and programs to enable students with complex needs including those on the autism spectrum, to flourish in the education system.

Dr Goodall also combines her professional and academic skills and knowledge with her lived experience with autism, to help people understand what it means to be on the autistic spectrum and how different life is for those on and not on the spectrum.

In her presentation, Dr Goodall will cover how to plan, implement and assess interest-based learning. Participants will learn how to:

  1. Understand autistic thinking styles
  2. Understand barriers to learning and classroom hacks to engage students on the autism spectrum
  3. Understand how to plan, implement and assess interest-based learning

Dr Goodall will be speaking at The Canberra Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People not-for-profit educational seminar. Register Now>>

Image source: Pixabay