Sleep Therapy Seen as an Aid for Depression

Curing insomnia in people with depression could double their chance of a full recovery, scientists are reporting. The findings, based on an insomnia treatment that uses talk therapy rather than drugs, are the first to emerge from a series of closely watched studies of sleep and depression to be released in the coming year. via [...]

Does Bullying Cause Depression, or Vice Versa? Surprising New Study 

Dr. Karen Kochel, an assistant research professor at Arizona State University’s School of Social and Family Dynamics, performed a longitudinal study examining rates of bullying and depression in children grades 4 through 6. In the study, children were monitored by parents and teachers for behavioral indicators of depression. Parents and teachers were also keeping track [...]

Anxiety and Depression Awareness month: Video blogs

October is Anxiety and Depression Awareness month. To highlight the effect both depression and anxiety can have on young people’s lives beyondblue has created a series of fictional video blogs about young people experiencing depression and anxiety. They can be viewed on YouTube. The blogs were inspired by real stories posted on the Youthbeyondblue online [...]