New Guidelines Have Been Developed To Tackle The Problem Of Concussions In Children And Adolescents, But Is This Enough?

New international guidelines have been developed to tackle the problem of sports-related concussion (SRC) in children and adolescents, but medical researchers admit they do not know enough about the long-term damage it may do to young people. Every week across Australia, hundreds of thousands of children and adolescents descend on sporting fields, tracks and courts [...]

Female and younger athletes take longer to overcome concussions

"We need to raise awareness that yes, female athletes do get concussions," she said. "Too often, when we speak with parents and coaches, they overlook the fact that in comparable sports, females are concussed more than males." Coupled with the fact that high school athletes take longer to recover than collegiate athletes, Covassin said the [...]

Could PET scans detect brain injury caused by football?

For years, researchers have had to use tissue obtained posthumously to diagnose chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or C.T.E., the degenerative brain disease that has bedeviled athletes, soldiers and others who have sustained repeated head hits and concussions. via Study Suggests PET Scan May Identify C.T.E. in Living Patients -

Concussion Is a Serious Problem for Child Athletes

Doctors and public health experts are concerned about the effect of repeat concussions that occur before the brain has had a chance to heal from a prior impact. More research on how they affect younger brains is urgently needed. In addition, coaches, parents and school officials need to pay closer attention to what is already [...]