Trying to silence the Student Voice

I bet there’s certain things kids say that grate on you. I bet there are slang terms that, quite simply, you don’t understand.   Every now and then you’ll come across a helpful list of the latest “kids speak” like this one. Go on, read it. It’s brilliant.   I’ll bet if you think back, [...]

What Mountain Biking Taught Me About Achieving Goals

Last year, I took twenty Year 11 students on a mountain biking camp. We rode through the Stromlo Forest in Canberra by day, and camped in sub zero temperatures by night. It’s only in the last couple of months that I’ve really appreciated some of the analogies I could draw between by experiences mountain biking [...]

New Year – New Cyber-Safety Initiative

How many of us rang in the New Year by posting a picture or status update for all our friends on Facebook? Probably a lot of us. Another year, another exponential increase in the amount of people engaged in social media in general and Facebook in particular. With increased use, comes increased mis-use – predominantly [...]

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