The Anti-Cottonwool Schools Where Kids Stare Down Risk in Favour of Nature Play

Far from wrapping children in cotton wool, a growing number of WA public schools are doing the opposite, giving their students the opportunity to race around on rollerblades, fly off ramps in crates and slide down trees. They are setting aside injury concerns to help children build resilience and squeeze in much-needed physical activity, in [...]

Kids That Hate

Today I walked my five-year-old daughter to her kinder class, with her little brother on my hip. My son who is two and a half has bright red hair and beautiful sky-blue eyes. When I am on semester break obviously he doesn’t attend daycare so I sometimes get the chance to take him with us [...]

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For Your Mental Health, Get Back In Touch With Nature

Photo: Anu Kumar Research published last year found that people who live in urban areas with more green space tend to report greater wellbeing - less mental distress and higher life satisfaction - than city dwellers who don't have parks, gardens or other green space nearby. A different study followed the experience of [...]

Contact with nature can be restorative

"Being in natural settings is intrinsically soothing and is shown to reduce unhealthy behavior," he says. "Exactly why isn't clear, but there is probably an evolutionary factor, as human beings and their predecessors were raised in, evolved in and likely designed for natural settings."This affinity to natural life forms, what researchers term "biophilia," is now [...]