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Mental Health No Longer Taboo AFL Topic

GWS coach Leon Cameron says the AFL industry is heading in the right direction when it comes to mental health. The days of being told to harden up at an AFL club are long gone, for both coaches and players. Sydney veteran Heath Grundy this week became the latest player to take time away from [...]

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The Anti-Cottonwool Schools Where Kids Stare Down Risk in Favour of Nature Play

Far from wrapping children in cotton wool, a growing number of WA public schools are doing the opposite, giving their students the opportunity to race around on rollerblades, fly off ramps in crates and slide down trees. They are setting aside injury concerns to help children build resilience and squeeze in much-needed physical activity, in [...]

Sport Protects Children That Suffered Traumatic Experiences

Taking part in sport protects children who are abused or neglected from developing mental health problems in later life, according to a major public health study. People who had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) but regularly played sports as children were less likely to have a mental illness as an adult, the study found. People who [...]

Aggression, Shame, Winning At All Costs: The Real Values We’re Teaching Kids Through Sport

Without a doubt, this time of year is all about winning. Thanks to the last few weeks of finals fever, the media has been full of tales about underdogs triumphing and boys from the wrong side of the tracksmaking good because of the saving grace of sport. The football grand finals are one thing, but should we be concerned [...]

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Many children play sport after concussion

Hundreds of children have been treated for sports-related head injuries at the Royal Children's Hospital in the past six months and many are returning to the field after a concussion, contrary to guidelines. About 300 children arrived at the hospital's emergency department with sports-related head injuries between May and November. They included 90 children who [...]

Parents furious over Cricket Australia sponsorship decision

GrogWatch is outraged that Cricket Australia has censored the messages of the WACA sponsor Healthway to ensure alcohol sponsors aren’t upset, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. Not only is the alcohol industry failing to self-regulate its own ads, but its now managing to squash health messages. This is not going unnoticed and concerned parents are hitting [...]

Liquorland shamed over reckless drinking ads

Liquorland has been found in breach of a voluntary code of practice in its TV advertising, with the chain's ads accused of encouraging binge drinking, underage drinking and portraying an improper link between alcohol and sport. via Liquorland shamed over reckless drinking ads.

Lingerie football league’s first event … sport or buck’s night?

Lingerie Football League is hailed as the all-new Australian sport and we are supposed to celebrate? It wasn’t sport. It was a meat fest. It had the feel of a giant buck’s night. But it was on a sporting field so apparently that made it sport. I call on sporting bodies and our Government, to [...]

3 hours of sport per week for physical and mental health

There is enough evidence to demonstrate that youth sports programs promote physical and mental health that medical providers could save the healthcare system billions by simply prescribing 3 hours of tennis, swimming or soccer per week. And for parents, this prescription is safe and comes without harmful side effects. Doctors Should Prescribe Youth Sports | [...]

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