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Aggression, Shame, Winning At All Costs: The Real Values We’re Teaching Kids Through Sport

Without a doubt, this time of year is all about winning. Thanks to the last few weeks of finals fever, the media has been full of tales about underdogs triumphing and boys from the wrong side of the tracksmaking good because of the saving grace of sport. The football grand finals are one thing, but should we be concerned [...]

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How Real Are Claims of Poker Machine Community Benefits?

The level of contributions made by clubs to community purposes is low as a proportion of poker machine revenue. Michael Coghlan One of the claims made by poker machine clubs in Australia is that they provide significant support to local communities. Usually this is signified by the support clubs provide to causes such as junior [...]

Demons’ Fast Starts a Result of Pre-game Meditation

Tom McDonald has benefited from pre-game meditation MELBOURNE has added meditation to its pre-game preparation this season, with the players using the technique to narrow their focus and switch on for the contest ahead. Meditation has been part of the Demons' program since the end of 2013, but defender Tom McDonald has seen [...]

Calls for Seven to cut Lingerie Football

A petition calling on the Seven Network to reconsider plans to broadcast the "sexist" Lingerie Football League (LFL) has generated over 2000 signatures. Earlier this year, the league was rebranded from Lingerie Football League to Legends Football League. Its tag line was also changed from "True Fantasy" to "Women Of The Gridiron". Collective Shout, a grassroots [...]

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High school athletes say concussions won’t sideline them

Many high school football players say it’s OK to play with a concussion even though they know they are at risk of serious injury, according to a study to be presented Monday, May 6, at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Washington, DC. The study of 120 high school football players in the [...]

Steubenville Gang Rape Shame

The town of Steubenville sits in a valley on the Ohio River. Like Weirton, just over the river in West Virginia, and many more towns nearby, Steubenville has been hollowed out and shrunk since the steel mills began to close in the 1980s. When the kids finish high school most of them leave for college [...]

Study confirms that football causes head injuries and neurological problems later in life

The American Academy of Neurology released a comprehensive study last week, just before the 2012 NFL football season began, that confirms significant previously held beliefs that head injuries cause neurologic problems later in life.  The study, published in the medical journal Neurology, followed approximately 3500 retired professional football players, and found that professional football players [...]

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Lingerie football league’s first event … sport or buck’s night?

Lingerie Football League is hailed as the all-new Australian sport and we are supposed to celebrate? It wasn’t sport. It was a meat fest. It had the feel of a giant buck’s night. But it was on a sporting field so apparently that made it sport. I call on sporting bodies and our Government, to [...]

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