FSANZ Detects ‘Potentially Concerning’ Amounts of Phthalates in Food from Packaging

FSANZ found half of 30 packaging chemicals studied were at detectable levels in food. Photo: Wayne Taylor Fresh bread, takeaway hamburgers and meat pizzas are some of the foods the national regulator has found contain hormone-disrupting chemicals that have leached from plastic packaging, a report reveals. Food Standards Australia New Zealand has detected [...]

Seven food labelling tricks exposed

If you’re confused by food labels, you’re not alone. But don’t hold your breath for an at-a-glance food labelling system that tells you how much salt, fat and sugar each product contains. Australia’s proposed “health star rating” labelling scheme was put on hold in February, following pressure from the food industry. And it’s unclear whether [...]

Plain package row: tobacco company resorts to ‘sick joke’

Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has condemned the latest cigarette company advertising - "it's what's on the inside that counts" - as the ultimate sick joke. Imperial Tobacco's new motto, sent in material to retailers for its Peter Stuyvesant cigarettes, suggests the plain packaging doesn't matter because everyone knows what's on the inside. via Plain package [...]

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