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Canberra to Fall Short on School Psychologists, Despite Three-Year Hiring Effort

Canberra will not have enough school psychologists to meet the demand of students with mental health issues by the time it has finished hiring in 2020. Last year, the ACT Government committed to employ an additional 20 school psychologists over three years — one of the recommendations made in the Shaddock review, the report launched [...]

What Is High Functioning Depression – And Could You Have It?

On the outside, you’re highly productive, successful and motivated. You have a big group of friends, a great job and seem to have life all sorted out. But on the inside, you’re gripped by low self-worth and the pressure to be perfect. Sound familiar? This is the reality for those who have high functioning depression. They [...]

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Changing the World is Good for You

If you can use your strengths in the service of something greater than yourself, many psychologists will tell you that this is a key predictor of wellbeing. They refer to it as having a sense of purpose or meaning.   Recently I’ve been working with schools to push their thinking in this regard.   What [...]