Parents, you don’t always need to entertain your kids – boredom is good for them

Most Australian children are stuck at home due to the outbreak of COVID-19. They need to find ways to socialise, do their school work, exercise and entertain themselves. It’s not surprising parents may be hearing “I’m bored” a lot more than before. People hate being bored. So much so that in one study, one-quarter of [...]

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Understanding emotions is nearly as important as IQ for students’ academic success

The ability to understand emotions contributes almost as much to students’ grades as their IQ. Past studies show two personal qualities are important for student academic success – intelligence and conscientiousness. IQ scores explain about 15% of the differences between students’ grades. Conscientiousness, such as having the diligence to do enough study, explains about 5%. [...]

If You Want Kids to Succeed Stop Pushing and Let Them Be Bored

Boredom helps creativity to grow. Photo: Getty I was born in Teesside, north-east England, the second of two daughters. I had a large extended family and we all lived close to one another and saw each other regularly. I enjoyed a traditional childhood in the Seventies and Eighties, watching too much television and [...]

New Type of Boredom Discovered, and It’s Rampant

According to new research, there are no fewer than five types of boredom — one more than previously theorized. This new type of boredom is marked by a strong strain of apathy, psychologists reported in the November issue of the journal Motivation and Emotion. "Of particular concern is the relative frequency of apathetic boredom observed [...]