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How Exercise Might Keep Depression At Bay

Flickr Images Exercise may be an effective treatment for depression and might even help prevent us from becoming depressed in the first place, according to three timely new studies. The studies pool outcomes from past research involving more than one million men and women and, taken together, strongly suggest that regular exercise alters our [...]

How can 13kg in a week not be enough?

I’ve never really watched much of the Channel 10 show, “The Biggest Loser.” However I’ve seen enough to question how it could be that a contestant who lost 13kg IN A WEEK could be berated by the trainers for not being “fair dinkum.” Questions were raised about his effort in training, his adherence or otherwise [...]

What’s the role of PE at School?

Kids are getting fatter. And whilst I certainly do not endorse kids being measured and weighed regularly at school, I do think they should be exercising regularly – every day actually. There were some interesting articles doing the rounds in the UK last week regarding the effectiveness of Physical Education lessons with regard to keeping [...]

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