Brain Imaging Identifies Different Types Of Depression

For much of her life Anne Dalton battled depression. She seldom spoke with people. She stayed home a lot. The days dragged on with a sense of “why bother?” for the 61-year-old from New Jersey who used to work at a Wall Street investment firm. After trying more than a dozen combinations of antidepressant drugs [...]

A Single Concussion May Triple The Long-term Risk Of Suicide

Concussions are now known to be much more serious injuries than once thought. And the danger may not be limited to the immediate repercussions. Researchers have already linked more severe traumatic brain injury to later suicide—particularly in military veterans and professional athletes—and have more recently explored the connection between concussion and depression. Now, new research [...]

The Emotional Life Of Men: ‘You’ll Be Alright’ Isn’t Enough Anymore

Pixabay Images When I was 18, I started to feel tired. It was this unending languor, clouding my emotions, hiding my motivation and affecting my concentration. I felt permanently drunk. At the same time, I started to become uneasy; butterflies in my stomach and panic became the norm. “You’re in the middle of [...]

How Exercise Might Keep Depression At Bay

Flickr Images Exercise may be an effective treatment for depression and might even help prevent us from becoming depressed in the first place, according to three timely new studies. The studies pool outcomes from past research involving more than one million men and women and, taken together, strongly suggest that regular exercise alters our [...]

This Might Be Why Depression Is Rising Among Teen Girls

Flickr Images There has been a significant climb in the prevalence of major depression among adolescents and young adults in recent years - and the troubling trend may be strongest in teenage girls, according to a new study. After analyzing the data, researchers discovered that the prevalence of major depressive episodes over a [...]

We May Be Able To Treat Depression With Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – Here’s Why

Pixabay Images There is growing evidence that inflammation – already known to be a cause of many whole-body diseases – is also involved in diseases of the brain, including psychiatric conditions like depression. Depression is a common and crippling disease affecting over 350m people worldwide. Around 20% of the UK population will suffer [...]

More US Teens May Be Facing Depression: Here’s Why

Pixabay Images Across the U.S., there's been an uptick in the percentage of teens who are having episodes of depression, a new report finds. Overall, the national percentage of teens who had major depressive episodes in the 2013-2014 report was 11 percent, up from 9.9 percent in the 2012-2013 report, the researchers found. [...]

Severe depression linked to increased aging process

New research suggests that people suffering from major depressive disorder may age significantly faster, compared with people who do not suffer from depression. This is according to a study published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. Severe depression linked to increased aging process - Medical News Today.