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Children’s Falling IQ Scores Signal Psychotic Disorders

New research shows adults who develop psychotic disorders experience declines in IQ during childhood and adolescence, falling progressively further behind their peers across a range of cognitive abilities. The researchers from King's College London's Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN) and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in the United States found falls [...]

Being Lazy Could Mean You’re Highly Intelligent

Pixabay Images Need a new excuse for binge watching Stranger Things and living off Uber Eats? Research published in the Journal of Health Psychology, suggests that people who spend more time lazing around tend to be more intelligent than than those who are more active. The study conducted by the Florida Gulf Coast University found [...]

7 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Fastest Growing Job Skills

Talent Smart According to the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report, emotional intelligence will be one of the top 10 job skills in 2020. The awareness that emotional intelligence is an important job skill, in some cases even surpassing technical ability, has been growing in recent years. In a 2011 Career Builder [...]

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Birth Order Has No Meaningful Effect on Personality or IQ, Massive Study Reports

For those who believe that birth order influences traits like personality and intelligence, a study of 377,000 high school students offers some good news: Yes, the study found, first-borns do have higher IQs and consistently different personality traits than those born later in the family chronology. However, researchers say, the differences between first-borns and "later-borns" [...]

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Breast-Fed Babies Grow Up Smarter and Richer

Babies who were breast-fed for at least 12 months have higher IQs and could earn an extra £200,000 in their lifetime compared with bottle-fed youngsters, scientists have suggested. Researchers followed 3,500 infants for 30 years, recording how long they spent in education, their employment and earnings and their level of intelligence. They found that breastfeeding [...]

3 Critical Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence 

Shutterstock With the discovery of Emotional Intelligence (EI), we now know that your professional success is as much predicated upon your emotional intelligence (and some would even argue more so) than your IQ. Your emotional intelligence is at the core of many, if not all critical "soft skills" that influence most of your [...]

‘Intelligent people are more likely to trust others’

Intelligent people are more likely to trust others, while those who score lower on measures of intelligence are less likely to do so, says a new study. Oxford University researchers based their finding on an analysis of the General Social Survey, a nationally representative public opinion survey carried out in the United States every one [...]

Poverty saps mental capacity to deal with complex tasks

The cognitive deficit of being preoccupied with money problems was equivalent to a loss of 13 IQ points, losing an entire night's sleep or being a chronic alcoholic, according to the study. The authors say this could explain why poorer people are more likely to make mistakes or bad decisions that exacerbate their financial difficulties. [...]

Noted authority says women now have higher IQ than men

Psychologist James Flynn, who resides in New Zealand and is considered one of the foremost experts on intelligence testing, has aroused people’s attention around the world by proclaiming that women are now smarter than men, at least according to a standardized IQ test. via Noted authority says women now have higher IQ than men.

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