Loneliness as Bad as Obesity and Heavy Smoking

While the elderly are more likely to live alone, younger adults are likelier to have their life expectancy cut due to growing isolation, the researchers said. Loneliness is defined as living alone and social isolation as being lonely even when “surrounded by lots of people” said the study conducted at Brigham Young University in Utah, [...]

Red Flags For Autism

Autism can be difficult to detect in very young children, although there is clear evidence that early detection and subsequent early intervention leads to a substantially better prognosis. This includes improved language and cognitive skills, social relationships and better adaptive functioning. There can also be less maladaptive behaviours, and an increased chance of successful inclusion [...]

A Personal Tale Of Being Bullied

I was bullied as a kid. That might be hard for you to imagine if you’ve met me in person. As a former representative footy player who stands around 191cm and over 110kg, I don’t come across as your typical ‘victim.’ But I used to dread going to school on a daily basis. Each day [...]

Far from being harmless, the effects of bullying last long into adulthood

It has long been acknowledged that bullying at a young age presents a problem for schools, parents and public policy makers alike. Although children spend more time with their peers than their parents, there is relatively little published research on understanding the impact of these interactions on their lives beyond school. The results of the [...]