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Children Exposed to ‘Toxic Stress’ More Likely to Develop Illnesses as Adults, Royal Commission Told

ACF - Infants and young children exposed to "toxic stress" from dysfunctional homes are more likely to develop cardiac disease and other physical illnesses as adults, the family violence Royal Commission was told on Wednesday. And addressing the impact of early childhood stress and trauma, the commission was told, was the most [...]

Scary Media: Does It Hurt?

Michael Phariss, There are many ways in which quite young children can be exposed to scary screen media. It’s quite common to see very young children at violent and scary M classified movies.  It’s not unusual for commercial television stations to insert unexpected, frightening and violent trailers or program promotions into G or PG family TV programs. Middle primary-aged boys often [...]

Should We Tell Kids Things Don’t Always End “Happy Ever After?”

Lets face it, watching the evening news bulletin rarely makes for cheery viewing, but in the last few months it seems to have been particularly harrowing. Plane crashes, war zones, suicides and urban shootings have seemingly dominated the headlines. As an adult I’ve found it hard to watch. As an educator I’ve found it harder [...]

Red Flags For Autism

Autism can be difficult to detect in very young children, although there is clear evidence that early detection and subsequent early intervention leads to a substantially better prognosis. This includes improved language and cognitive skills, social relationships and better adaptive functioning. There can also be less maladaptive behaviours, and an increased chance of successful inclusion [...]

During sleep, connections in children’s brains strengthen

While young children sleep, connections between the left and the right hemispheres of their brain strengthen, which may help brain functions mature, according to a new study by the University of Colorado Boulder. The research team - led by Salome Kurth, a postdoctoral researcher, and Monique LeBourgeois, assistant professor in integrative physiology - used electroencephalograms, [...]

Kids eat more vegetables after nutrition lessons

Stanford researchers have come up with a new way to get picky preschoolers to eat more vegetables. Psychologists Sarah Gripshover and Ellen Markman found that teaching children the importance of healthy foods and why their bodies need a variety of foods drives kids to voluntarily eat more vegetables. The findings, published in the journal Psychological [...]

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