Mass Shootings Are Contagious

NBC News Mass shootings spawn subsequent mass shootings, new research finds. The researchers discovered statistical "clusters" of shootings in which four or more people die, the standard definition of a mass shooting. School shootings also cluster, said study researcher Sherry Towers, a professor of mathematical and computational modeling at Arizona State University. "On [...]

Should We Tell Kids Things Don’t Always End “Happy Ever After?”

Lets face it, watching the evening news bulletin rarely makes for cheery viewing, but in the last few months it seems to have been particularly harrowing. Plane crashes, war zones, suicides and urban shootings have seemingly dominated the headlines. As an adult I’ve found it hard to watch. As an educator I’ve found it harder [...]

Study reveals drastic impact of financial crisis on global health

As part of a series of seven reports published by the Lancet today, Financial crisis, austerity and health in Europe, highlighted that the effects of economic turbulence on health are generally poorly understood, despite having been researched for nearly 100 years. The research said that the number of suicides in people younger than 65 years [...]