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Simple Blood Test May Detect Suicide Marker

Pixabay Images Australian scientists believe they have found evidence for a potential suicide marker they hope will lead to new tests and treatments for depression. “We have known for a long time that people who attempt suicide have markers of chronic inflammation in their blood and spinal fluid,” Professor Guillemin said. “Commonly used [...]

How To Help Someone Who Shares Suicidal Feelings Online

Flikr Images Facebook recently updated an important tool designed to help users support friends expressing suicidal thoughts and behavior. The product, now available to every Facebook user, dispels the pervasive and dangerous myth that people who experience suicidal feelings are beyond help while also showing bystanders exactly how they can make a difference. Though Facebook is [...]

Supporting Young People in Crisis 

It is not uncommon for young people to feel overwhelmed and like they are unable to cope with what life has thrown at them. This is when they often come to the attention of teachers, school counsellors or health professionals – when they are in some sort of crisis. The crisis can be precipitated by [...]