When I was a Police Officer, one of the most common conversations I had with parents went along the lines of, “someone has hacked into my daughter’s Hotmail account and........” In reality however, what had happened was that the daughter had shared her password with one of her friends, or had as a password something [...]

Cyber bullying is the top parental concern

Did you know that the prospect of their child becoming a victim of bullying is now the top fear among Australian parents? Six-in-ten parents nominate bullying as their biggest concern, ahead of their children becoming a victim of crime (46 percent) or performing poorly at school (44 percent). Make no mistake - online bullying is [...]

Not just Victorian families need to keep watch on the Net

You might be surprised that Victorian families are the least likely to actively keep an eye on what websites their kids are visiting, given that they’re also the most likely to have an Internet-capable computer in a shared area of the home. Generation Next’s research with parents of 527 children asked what strategies they used [...]