Why Children Should Be Taught to Journal

When I was in fifth grade I wrote in my journal one day that I was upset about not having any real friends at school. My teacher reminded us, like she did every day, that our black-and-white composition notebooks were for our eyes only. She would read them only if we asked her to. That [...]

‘Schools Largely to Blame for Rising Mental Health Issues’

Whole school cultures will need to change, and sometimes, radically so. Photo: ALAMY The mental health epidemic among the young represents one of the greatest challenges facing our schools. According to the leading charity, Young Minds, between 2001 and 2011 inpatient admissions for young people who self-harm increased by 68 per cent, while in another survey [...]

Study Indicates Exercise Sharpens The Young Adult Brain

Regular physical activity improves brain function even in young adults considered in their prime and at the height of cognitive ability, according to a new University of Otago study. A body of research already exists showing aerobic exercise improves brain function in older adults, but there is a limited amount of literature on how it affects young adults. The Otago [...]

Stinking Thinking- Why Girls Stress More

It is generally well accepted that females experience greater levels of depression and anxiety than males. This is true, not only during adulthood, but also during adolescence. While there is a range of suggestions as to why – including the idea that ‘men are tough and don’t talk to doctors or psychologists’, recent research offers an important [...]

Teen Sleep Deprivation And The Effect Of Blue Light

A 2014 combined project by Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Manchester and Surrey Universities declared, ‘Society has become supremely arrogant in ignoring the importance of sleep’. The researchers cite living in a 24hour society coupled with technology overuse as part of the issue. The National Sleep Foundation in the US found that more than half of the parents [...]