MPs speak against the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood

Earlier this month Federal Member for Kingston (S.A), Amanda Rishworth, moved a Private Members Motion acknowledging the findings of the UK Government’s review Letting the Children be Children on the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood. It is heartening for those of us involved in this issue to see MP’s like Rishworth take the lead on [...]

The Cyber-villification of Melinda Tankard Reist – The Industry Hits Back at a Campaigner that Keeps Them Honest

Over the past few weeks many of us have watched with concern a snowballing campaign of vilification against Melinda Tankard Reist, her public work as an advocate for women and girls and for society as a whole. Much of this has occurred online using all manner of cyber harrassment perpetrated by trolls and pseudo-experts. Their gutless cyber threats [...]

‘Pornographic’ stationery for schoolchildren

It's no coincidence that the company promoting pornified school stationery is owned by Cotton On, which was itself criticised for selling sexualised clothing for toddlers. Anger over 'pornographic' stationery for schoolchildren | Herald Sun.

Body image the main worry for young females

Once again, the Mission Australia Survey of Australian Young People has shown that body image is a major cause of concern for young people. Amongst females it was the highest concern, reflecting our society's extreme emphasis on physical attractiveness defined by the media, fashion and entertainment industries. It's an indication that marketing, advertising and consumerism continue to be a [...]

Book launch: Big Porn Inc

This important book launch firmly puts porn in its place and through a series of essays, documents the proliferation and normalization of pornography, the way it has become a global industry and its violence towards and degradation of women. Big Porn Inc is an exposé of the hidden realities of the global industry that promotes [...]

Collective shout: a voice against sexualised clothing

Despite the increased pressure from many sectors of the community, clothing retailers have continued to stock and sell clothing that depict women in a sexualized way. The images are often pornographic with blatantly sexual slogans. Collective Shout supporter Caitlin Roper has created the Facebook page Say No to Porn t-shirts and together they have written [...]

Keep your Pants on: sex doesn’t always sell

It seems that the age old adage “sex sells” doesn’t always ring true after all. The clothing chain General Pants seem to have gone too far with their Sex! & Fashion advertising campaign for Sydney-based denim designers Ksubi. There has been an angry back lash from shoppers who are outraged and shocked by the blatant [...]

The Power of One: Say No to Porn T Shirts

We have all seen them; the 'Porn T Shirts’ that depict semi naked women and equally offensive slogans. The men who wear them seem oblivious to the fact that they are not only offensive but also objectify women. So what can be done about them? We have the technology and today that gives everyone a [...]

Girls’ Mag Watch: More Stereotyped and Limiting Messages for Girls

By Melinda Tankard-Reist. For many girls, the magazines they read are their lifestyle bibles. How should they look, dress, act and relate? What's important in life? Who should they look up to? My analysis of the November issues of Girlfriend, Dolly, Girlpower, Disney Girl, Little Angel and the October and November issues of TotalGirl shows [...]