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Psychology of food, eating, weight and body image

International research is clear that for many of the wealthier countries around the world, the number of people at a higher weight has reached, or at the very least is close to reaching, the highest level it has ever been. While the current research is showing somewhat of a levelling off of this rising trend [...]

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Australian develops app to help manage eating disorders

Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald The world of online apps is not just a playground for games and music. It also has a serious side that is beginning to have a positive effect within our community.  Australians are turning their attention to social needs and creating apps that help people. This includes Sydney [...]

Body image the main worry for young females

Once again, the Mission Australia Survey of Australian Young People has shown that body image is a major cause of concern for young people. Amongst females it was the highest concern, reflecting our society's extreme emphasis on physical attractiveness defined by the media, fashion and entertainment industries. It's an indication that marketing, advertising and consumerism continue to be a [...]