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How Stress Tears Us Apart

Why is it that when people are too stressed they are often grouchy, grumpy, nasty, distracted or forgetful? Researchers from the Brain Mind Institute BMI at EPFL have just highlighted a fundamental synaptic mechanism that explains the relationship between chronic stress and the loss of social skills and cognitive impairment. When triggered by stress, an [...]

Researchers discover a biological marker of dyslexia

Though learning to read proceeds smoothly for most children, as many as one in 10 is estimated to suffer from dyslexia, a constellation of impairments unrelated to intelligence, hearing or vision that make learning to read a struggle. Now, Northwestern University researchers report they have found a biological mechanism that appears to play an important [...]

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Neurobiology and the Selfless Impulse

Recent studies in the field of Neuroscience have been looking to uncover the anatomical basis for charity and empathy. The scientists in question are well aware that this is a contentious area, representing a convergence between science and religion: “Eventually, you are bound to get into areas that for thousands of years we have preferred [...]

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