Post -Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Stress ‘Changes Brains Of Boys And Girls Differently’

Thinkstock Images Very stressful events affect the brains of girls and boys in different ways, a Stanford University study suggests. A part of the brain linked to emotions and empathy, called the insula, was found to be particularly small in girls who had suffered trauma. But in traumatised boys, the insula was larger [...]

What’s the Latest Workplace Stress? Putting on a happy face may be one of the most stressful tasks for workers. New research shows faking emotions is driving some workers to breaking point. A type of workplace stress called emotional labour is taking its toll on staff and workplaces. A study by University of Sydney Business School researchers [...]

Seminar – The Body Remembers: Practical therapeutic applications of the neurobiology of trauma

Following recent events around Australia including the fires in WA, the floods in VIC and cyclone Yasi in QLD there will be many young people who have experienced traumatic events. Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) can develop after exposure to traumatic experiences(s) and results from an imbalance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the Autonomic Nervous [...]