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Does alcohol cause cancer?

The link between alcohol and cancer itself is not news. Way back in 1988, the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that alcohol consumption was a group one carcinogen – a direct cause of cancer in humans. What has evolved over the past 26 years is evidence showing alcohol caused more cancers [...]

King-hit assaults show moral sense skewed by intoxicatingly violent culture

In the aftermath of the latest senseless street violence, we instinctively seek someone or something to blame. Yet pointing the finger at the aggressor in each case won't bring any change.  To prevent the ''coward punch'', we need a culture of moral identification and education. Rising violence in various media platforms has helped create a [...]

Heavy drinkers upping their intake even more

Heavy drinking is increasing among the top 10 per cent of drinkers in Australia but the remaining 90 per cent of the population is drinking less, a study reveals. University of NSW researcher Michael Livingston said the finding could explain sharp increases in alcohol-related harm such as assaults and hospital presentations for intoxication, despite average [...]

Teenagers: less alcohol but having more couch potato

Teenagers are less likely to smoke and drink alcohol but are far more physically inactive than a decade ago, new statistics show. A report on health risks released today by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that smoking was down in all age groups. Teenagers were the only age group less likely to [...]

A positive choice: Young people who drink little or no alcohol

This study examines the lives and choices of young people (aged 16-25) who drink little or no alcohol. It explores the influences that shape their decisions and how their choices and patterns of consumption affect their lives. Key points Drinking and getting drunk is not an automatic rite of passage for young people in the [...]

Alarm at rise in young drunks in WA

Health experts are alarmed by school and university students routinely going on alcohol blinders, as new figures show more than 1000 children were treated at Perth hospital emergency departments last year for alcohol or drug use. Researchers and doctors say teenagers are drinking more and at younger ages, putting them on a path of regular [...]

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Ban beer and bring down crime rates

Banning beer would be the most efficient way to bring down Australia's murder rate, a recent study Population drinking and homicide in Australia: A time series analysis of the period 1950–2003 suggests. In a review of homicides over 53 years it was found that many were strongly linked to alcohol, and especially beer consumption. National [...]

Alcohol consumption up and connected to increased social and health harms

75% of adult Australians adversely affected by someone else’s drinking. A recent study published online by The Medical Journal of Australia has shown that the consumption of alcohol is on the rise and linked to alcohol related health harms (eg, liver cirrhosis, accidents and suicide) and social harms (eg, arrests for assault and public disorder). [...]