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Why so violent?

Is it me, or are our youth getting more violent? I don’t mean all our youth – of course – but it does seem to me that the kind of assaults kids get involved in are more violent now than say ten or twenty years ago.  If you know anything about me, you’ll know I’m [...]

the beginning of the end to alcohol sponsorship of sport?

TWELVE sports associations will become teetotal when it comes to alcohol sponsorship after a $25 million deal with the government.The groups have struck a deal to promote safe alcohol consumption by adults, alcohol-free sporting environments for minors and to reduce alcohol promotion in their codes.But the AFL and NRL were not part of the deal. [...]

Ministers and industry watering down pregnancy alcohol warning labels

Inaction, confusion and lack of direction has led to doubts about the federal government's commitment to introduce mandatory pregnancy health warnings for all alcohol by December next year. The alcohol industry has written to the Australian and New Zealand ministers responsible for food and beverage regulation outlining action they have taken to introduce pregnancy warning [...]

What makes young women drink and spiral into violence?

The latest research has found that young women regularly have more than 20 standard drinks during a good night out. This means they often blow in excess of $300 in an evening. It seems that changes in social and moral behaviour are behind young women drinking more. This soar in alcohol consumption by “girls that [...]

Study: giving alcohol to children can lead to alcoholism

A study published last week in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research added additional weight to the Australian Government's recommendation for parents to avoid giving alcohol to children under 15 years of age. The study looked at over 6,000 Australian twins and found that the earlier the children had their first drink, the more likely they [...]

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