Gluten-Free ‘Lifestylers’ Make Eating Out Difficult for Coeliacs

Russian roulette: Coeliac sufferer Jade Mayhew will be crippled by pain if she consumes even the smallest amount of gluten. Photo: Supplied The problem is that non-coeliacs following the "gluten-free" fad, who do not suffer an allergy or intolerance, are weakening the restaurant and cafe industry's support for true "gluten-free" labelling. - Richard [...]

Study: ultra-clean environment bad for immune system

A study examining cleanliness in childhood has found that children who grow up in ultra-clean environments may have an increased risk of a large range of diseases including heart disease. The study which used data from 3,327 Filipino families found that children who were exposed to more germs grew up to have a much healthier [...]