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Why video games aren’t all bad

Why do kids like playing video games so much? Is it because they’re violent, misogynistic or just plain mind-numbing?   Generation Next speaker Dr Wayne Warburton has conducted research that shows the impact of violent games on the adolescent brain has both short and long term effects. None of them good.   Let’s leave violent [...]

How to be a wellbeing teacher without teaching wellbeing

I’ve had too many conversations with teachers who believe that the whole, “Pastoral care, touchy feely, emotional, welfare, wellbeing stuff” isn’t what they signed up for when they decided to become a teacher.   As strange as you and or I – I’m assuming we’re on the same page given you subscribe to, or have [...]

The Student Success Model

Over the past 10 years, the research company Gallup have surveyed over a million US students with regard to their strengths, levels of hope and engagement and their wellbeing.   Gallup recently published their Student Success Model in which they described some of the wellbeing factors that impact on success.   1. Strengths identification remains as simple as [...]

How Engaged, Could Your Kids Be?

I believe that being genuinely engaged does wonders for your wellbeing. One of the determinants of engagement is a level of independence, or autonomy. Schools go to great lengths to give students (and teachers) the impression that they encourage independence. However, in the scheme of things, most of what occurs at school is prescribed for [...]

School Kids Engagement and Happiness

Children’s interest and engagement in school influences their prospects of educational and occupational success 20 years later, over and above their academic attainment and socioeconomic background, researchers have found. The more children felt connected to their school community and felt engaged, rather than bored, the greater their likelihood of achieving a higher educational qualification and [...]

Can you do it for me?

I’m currently in Denmark where I gave the keynote address at the Innovation in Education conference.    As well the conference, I’ve been working with different schools and organisations around the concept of student (and staff) engagement.   Whilst working with the Department of Pedagogy at the University of Aarhus, one researcher told me of [...]

C’mon – Use your strength!

On Saturday, I gave a talk at the First Australian Positive Education Conference. One of the key themes that all speakers, and workshop facilitators spoke about was that of character strengths. 24 Character Strengths were identified by Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson as being valued across all cultures, races and religions.   Each of us [...]

7 positive parental engagement tips to help kids

'Family-school and community partnerships are re-defining the boundaries and functions of education. They enlarge parental and community capacity; they create conditions in which children learn more effectively. In these ways they take education beyond the school gates'.* The Family-School and Community Partnership Bureau recently commissioned a report into the effects parental engagement on children’s educational [...]

A New Way to Address Digital Citizenship in Schools

A new way to address digital citizenship in your school It seems that technology is a constant source of stress for teachers at school. If it’s not the pressure to integrate technology into their teaching, it’s the social issues related to students’ use of site such as Facebook, Tumblr or Formspring and apps such as [...]

Punish them or engage them?

Researchers to share findings of major study of student behaviour Results from a major study show that the key challenge for teachers in classrooms today is to find ways to encourage active and engaged learning. A UniSA-led Behaviour at School Study (BASS) surveyed almost 1400 South Australian teachers to assess how they viewed student behaviour [...]