Empathy May Be Genetic

Do you jump to help the less fortunate, cry during sad movie scenes or tweet and post the latest topics and photos that excite or move you? If yes, you may be among the 20 percent of our population that is genetically predisposed to empathy. - Stony Brook Univ. via Empathy May Be Genetic.

Genetic Basis Of Procrastination And Dawdling

A new study has found that procrastination has genetic links. The research could help scientists understand the evolution of dawdling. The study conducted by researchers at University of Colorado Boulder shows that the tendency to procrastinate has genetic roots. The research explains why some people are more likely than other to dawdle and why these [...]

The gene machine

Scientists have discovered that the human body contains more than 25,000 genes, but what they do remains mostly a mystery. "We don't know the function of the vast majority of genes," says Nevan Krogan, PhD, director of the UC San Francisco branch of the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences. via The gene machine.

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Internet addiction fueled by gene mutation

Internet addiction is real, researchers out of the University of Bonn say, and its source can be explained at the molecular level. Researchers from the school's departments of psychology and neuroscience report in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Addiction Medicine that a simple variation on the CHRNA4 gene results in a significantly [...]

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Are nice people born or made?

Oxytocin and vasopressin, two hormones that inspire feelings of love and generosity when they flood our brains, bind to neurons by attaching to molecules called receptors, which can come in different forms.   The new research, led by psychologist Michel Poulin of the University of Buffalo, suggests that if you have the genes that give [...]