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Can You Really Be Happier In 30 Days?

How do you describe happiness? Is it being bubbly all the time or having a constant smile on your face? When researchers look at happiness they look at two different things: a person’s emotional state – do they feel like they are experiencing more positive emotions than negative emotions? – and how they look at [...]

10 Tips To Tackle Unhelpful Thinking Patterns

Flikr Images Have you ever been puzzled by a young person’s reaction to a good exam result, feel that they were exaggerating, or were jumping to conclusions? Unhelpful thinking styles could be a factor. The way a young person unconsciously thinks and evaluates the world impacts how they feel at any given moment. [...]

Our Sinister, Soul-sapping Happiness Industry

Pixabay Images On a recent sodden weekend walk, I tried to cheer myself up by thinking: it’s not so bad. Not the slugs or the sky or the rain making its way down a gap between neck and waterproof. But I couldn’t do it. Losing heart, I turned back. Glump, glump, glump through the [...]

Depression Impairs Working Memory: Negative Thoughts Leave You with ‘No Room to Think’

Negative thoughts crowd your mind, making you feel as though you’re spiraling into an unescapable hole. When you’re depressed, you constantly feel like you’re trapped and there’s no way out. This may be because depression can control your mind and mood to the point that it will leave you with little room to think of [...]

The Nocebo Effect: Can Our Thoughts Kill Us?

The flipside of the placebo effect, the nocebo effect is where we experience negative symptoms because we expect them. Our minds are more powerful than most of us realise. The placebo effect accounts for as much as one third of symptom relief in sick people, according to the American Cancer Society. When we believe we will [...]

Negative Thinking: 5 Easy Ways to Think More Positively

This past weekend, I found myself 400 miles and 3 states away from home with $16 of cash, a half tank of gas, but no credit cards. I pulled into a gas station and asked if they would take a check. Nope. How about a credit card number phoned in from my husband? Nope. My [...]

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