Voices in People’s Heads More Complex than Previously Thought

One of the largest and most detailed studies to date on the experience of auditory hallucinations, commonly referred to as voice hearing, found that the majority of voice-hearers hear multiple voices with distinct character-like qualities, with many also experiencing physical effects on their bodies. The study also confirmed that both people with and without psychiatric [...]

Stigma ‘key deterrent’ in accessing mental health care

Mental health stigma is a key factor preventing people from accessing the care they need, according to new research from King's College London. The new study, published today in Psychological Medicine, brings together data from 144 studies, including over 90,000 participants worldwide. Approximately 1 in 4 people have a mental health problem, yet in Europe [...]

Early signs of psychosis in young people

A person with psychosis 'loses touch with reality': they may have disorganised thoughts, hallucinations or delusions and find it difficult to interact with others. In young people a psychotic illness many occur as a result of depression or experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Here are some early warning signs to watch out for. Behavioural Odd/agitated [...]

Guest Post: Preventing the Transition to Psychosis in Youths

In this guest post, Dr Jackie Curtis, a psychiatrist who actively works with young people with mental health problems at the Prince of Wales Hospital, and Dr Georgie Paulik, a clinical psychologist, explain how the onset of psychosis may be prevented or delayed in high-risk youths and describe some of the research which is currently [...]

Study finds cannabis can make healthy people psychotic

A new study by British researches has proven conclusively that using skunk cannabis can result in psychosis in healthy people. The study was carried out on 22 men in their late 20s who were injected with either the active component of skunk cannabis or a dummy placebo. The research team concluded: "These findings confirm that [...]