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Supporting A Friend Who Self-harms

Pixabay Images When you and I were young it was unlikely we ever had to support a friend who was self-harming, simply because self-harm was not as widespread.  I consider this is a huge ask for any 14 year old.  It can create an incredible amount of stress for young people who genuinely [...]

‘Hyper-parenting’ Is Making Kids Fall Apart

'Slow coach' Carl Honore (third from left) with Dianne and Glen's family on Frantic Family Rescue. Photo: Guss Mallmann Australian children are under too much pressure, and most of that is coming from their parents, who are themselves the victims of social pressure to create "the perfect family". The Canadian sociologist Carl Honore [...]

Student Mental Health

An article last week in the Sunday Telegraph attempted to shine a light on the number of student in NSW who are self-harming. According to the article, two students every week are self harming as a result of bullying or mental health issues. I’m of the opinion that this is grossly underestimating the real number. [...]

The silent state of student suicides

The 2011 HSC results have just come out. For many it is the culmination of 2 years of hard work and a ticket to the university place of their dreams. For others it is a sore disappointment, with scores not high enough to win them that prized place. Kids with good resilience skills [...]

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