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Suicide Risk Sharply Higher in Months After Self-Harm

A study led by Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) revealed that young Americans had a sharply higher risk of suicide in the months after surviving a deliberate self-harm attempt. The authors say the findings underscore the need to direct clinical interventions toward youth who survive such attempts during this critical period. "Our latest study shows [...]

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Self-harm In Schools: The Need For More Collaboration

Pixabay Images As increasing numbers of young people suffer from mental health disorders, the capacity of mainstream schools to support and maintain these students is becoming an increasing challenge. Of particular concern is the number of young people engaging in self-harming behaviour. The 2015 Australian Child and Adolescent Survey of Mental Health and [...]

Supporting A Friend Who Self-harms

Pixabay Images When you and I were young it was unlikely we ever had to support a friend who was self-harming, simply because self-harm was not as widespread.  I consider this is a huge ask for any 14 year old.  It can create an incredible amount of stress for young people who genuinely [...]

Dolly September 2013

The Impossible Goal of Pursuing Perfection: Dolly September 2013 Melinda Tankard Reist   ‘The ultimate guide to being yourself’ is about self-acceptance. It offers girls three lessons in how to be themselves: Fall in love with you; Quit Faking It and Get inspired, not obsessed. The first encourages girls to recognise and love themselves for [...]

The silent state of student suicides

The 2011 HSC results have just come out. For many it is the culmination of 2 years of hard work and a ticket to the university place of their dreams. For others it is a sore disappointment, with scores not high enough to win them that prized place. Kids with good resilience skills [...]

Self harm part of life for many teenagers

10% of girls self harm* Image Source: Youthbeyondblue A recent study published in The Lancet, The natural history of self-harm from adolescence to young adulthood: a population-based cohort study, took a group of 1,943 young people from 44 schools in Victoria and documented their lives from the age of 14 to 29 years old. During [...]

Study: Youths who self-harm will seek help online

Only 10% of young people who self-harm will present for hospital treatment*. Psychmined is a UK website set up for people who work in psychology, psychiatry and mental health. It recently conducted a study of Sharp Talk, which is an online discussion group that has been set up in the UK to support young people [...]

Self-harm more common than we realise

1.1% have self-injured recently, of these 40.6% cut themselves 39.8% inflicted scratching injuries on themselves*  A national survey published online in The Medical Journal of Australia has found that self-harming is more prevalent in Australia than previously thought.  The survey, carried out by researchers at the University of Queensland, questioned over 12,000 people, male and female aged [...]

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