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Victoria’s Secret Has a Body Image Problem

Victoria's Secret's new ad has sparked a petition calling for it be amended. Photo: Frances Black For a company that has built its fortune from hoisting up breasts and covering derrieres, Victoria's Secret seems to not be very keen on the actual bodies of the majority of women. Their distorted body image is [...]

Coles Pulls Magazine with Nude Miranda Kerr Cover Off Shelves

Removed: Miranda Kerr on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine. Photo: Harper's Bazaar Coles supermarkets has pulled thousands of copies of Harper's Bazaar Australia magazine featuring a nude Miranda Kerr on the cover because the store's executives deemed it "inappropriate". However, the retail giant has been unable to elaborate on what was the catalyst for [...]

Makeup Is Compulsory

Is makeup akin to wearing a burqa? Photo: galleryhip A reader by the name of Lady Diazepam made an interesting comment in response to a blog I wrote last month about the stigma of obesity at work. She wrote about a time when she was languishing at the bottom of the office hierarchy. But as [...]

Concerns of Young People Today

Mission Australia Each year we encourage Australians aged 15-19 to ‘speak up’ about the issues that really concern them through Australia’s largest online youth survey. In 2015 we had nearly 19,000 respondents. We strive for an accurate representation of our nation’s youth. Among those who take part are young people who are in [...]

The Neuroscience of Anorexia Reveals Why It’s So Hard to Treat

gettyimages Most of the anorexia patients Dr. Joanna Steinglass sees in the inpatient eating-disorders unit at the New York State Psychiatric Institute have been to treatment before. While in the hospital or a residential treatment center, they generally gained weight and began to eat a wider variety of foods. But after they left, [...]

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Obesity and Body Image by Prof Susan Sawyer

Professor Susan Sawyer spoke at the 2015 Melbourne Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People seminar. Her presentation on Obesity and Body Image was acclaimed by hundreds of teachers, counsellors and social workers who attended the seminar. Her talk was recorded and can be viewed below.

How to Talk to Kids About Food

Talking to your child about food can be daunting. Children are becoming more and more conscious of their bodies, people’s comments, and what and how they eat at an increasingly young age. They look to adult role models in their life to help them build a healthy relationship with food, but many of us, through [...]

Eating Disorders and Online Resources for Young People

Eating disorders have a significant and underestimated impact on Australian society. They occur in individuals of any gender, age, cultural or socioeconomic background. While estimates of the incidence of eating disorders vary between countries and studies, there is consensus that eating disorders, disordered eating and body image issues affect approximately 9% of the population and [...]

‘Beach Body Ready’ Advertisements Spark Widespread Backlash

A weight-loss advertisement in the London Underground featuring a bikini-clad model has sparked a backlash, with protesters saying the company Protein World is making passersby “feel physically inferior to the unrealistic body image of the bronzed model.” More than 50,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the posters for meal replacement supplements—which have [...]

Anorexia’s More Insidious Scourge

Often masked as a health-kick a new form of the eating disorder, anorexia, is manifesting itself in teenagers. When John and Julie Armstrong's 12-year-old son, Jed, told them that he wanted to get fit in the summer of 2014, neither thought anything of it. A keen footballer, Jed designed a regime of exercise for himself [...]