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10 Things People with Depression Need to Do Every Day

Don't allow yourself to be limited by your depression. Yes, you are depressed. I know that place way too well, and I work my butt off to stay out of the D-zone. Here are ten little things that will give you a lift. You may not think you have the energy to do them, but, [...]

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Why Children Should Be Taught to Journal

When I was in fifth grade I wrote in my journal one day that I was upset about not having any real friends at school. My teacher reminded us, like she did every day, that our black-and-white composition notebooks were for our eyes only. She would read them only if we asked her to. That [...]

Bullying and Substance Abuse: Who It Affects and Why

Bullying transcends childish acts such as teasing, rough housing or joking around. It can be a dangerous activity with devastating physical and psychological effects. It’s a prominent risk factor for substance abuse and addiction, but the person being bullied isn’t the only one at risk. We’re born into a world that rewards winners, but some [...]

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Data Reveals 5 Yr Old Children Are Discussing Suicidal Thoughts

Children as young as five are experiencing suicidal thoughts according to the latest data released by Kids Helpline. The Leader can reveal the national counselling service figures show that almost 10 per cent of the 400 children aged between 5 and 12 called the helpline to talk about suicide. The data also revealed out of 395 people [...]

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Large Numbers Staying at Ronald McDonald House Due to Child Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems affecting young people are the main reason families stay at Ronald McDonald House Orange [RMHO]. The house provides accommodation for families living more than 50 kilometres from Orange who have children being treated at hospitals in Orange. RMHO executive officer Rebecca Walsh said families of children suffering mental health issues made up [...]

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‘Panic Button’ Mental Health App Released

An app that allows teens battling mental health issues to send an alert to a personalised support crew is set to launch. Wellington firm Melon Health, formerly Social Code, has designed and developed Code Blue to encourage youth struggling with bullying, anxiety or depression to reach out in their time of need. The app has been years in [...]

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Why Bullied Children Are Reluctant To Seek Help From Teachers

In Australia, approximately one student in five is bullied at school every few weeks or more often. Many of these students suffer serious emotional and psychological harm, such as persistent anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking, and are unable to concentrate on their school work. It is clear they need help. Teachers routinely inform students that [...]

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‘We’ve Had As Much Awareness As We Can Take’: Fighting Symptoms Of Mental Illness Not Just Stigma

Getty Images I’m so tired of mental health stigma. It’s everywhere these days. The Mental Health Foundation of Australia wants us to fight stigma. SANE Australia wants us to “say no” to stigma. Beyond Blue would like us to not only reduce stigma, but increase wisdom. And across the internet, untold legions of [...]

Material goods and your child

Our kids trust us to instil in them values and ethics that will help them navigate the difficult terrain of school, friendship and, later, personal and professional relationships. Values that will help them turn out to be well-rounded, functional human beings. To do this, they need to know that material goods, like fashion, do not [...]