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How Many Classes Does It Take to Describe Australians? The Answer May Surprise You

gettyimages We don’t often think of ourselves in Australia as belonging to a class-based society. Australians think and talk about social class less than their counterparts in Britain, France and Europe generally. Plus, we don’t tend to think that we have the same level of income inequality as the US. Despite this, newly [...]

Eating Disorders and Online Resources for Young People

Eating disorders have a significant and underestimated impact on Australian society. They occur in individuals of any gender, age, cultural or socioeconomic background. While estimates of the incidence of eating disorders vary between countries and studies, there is consensus that eating disorders, disordered eating and body image issues affect approximately 9% of the population and [...]

Australian Women feel more Stressed than Men

Most Australians say stress is affecting their mental health and there is a widening wellbeing gap between the sexes, a new mental health report says. The Australian Psychological Society’s (APS) survey of stress and wellbeing also found 2014 was a tough year for women, with many reporting significantly higher levels of stress in their day-to-day [...]

Reality TV favourite fare for Aussie kids

You could be warmed by the revelation that family togetherness is still a strong force in Australian society, so instead of retreating to their rooms and playing video games, kids join their parents in watching such celebrations of talent and hard work as My Kitchen Rules and The Block. While at other times of the [...]