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Why video games aren’t all bad

Why do kids like playing video games so much? Is it because they’re violent, misogynistic or just plain mind-numbing?   Generation Next speaker Dr Wayne Warburton has conducted research that shows the impact of violent games on the adolescent brain has both short and long term effects. None of them good.   Let’s leave violent [...]

How to help teens with computer game addiction

90% of children play computer games. 10% of them are addicted. The dangers of computers games have been in the news again recently with the death of a teenager in Taiwan after playing for 40 hours straight without refreshments or leaving the computer. Internet computer games have and addictive dimension to them that some young [...]

A Video Game Designed to Treat Depression Worked Better Than Counselling

 Researchers from the University of Auckland in New Zealand just published promising results of a study comparing a video game they designed to help treat depression in teenage kids against traditional face-to-face counseling. Called SPARX, the game guides the players through a number of challenges that help practice handling various life situations and emotions that [...]

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Kids and Video Games – download this useful book for free!

Nearly 40 years after their invention and a decade after exploding onto the mainstream, video games still remain a mystery to many parents, including which titles are appropriate, and their potential side-effects on kids. Now the answers are at your fingertips. Offering unrivaled insight and practical, real-world strategies for making gaming a positive part of [...]

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New Report: Playing video games increases risk of obesity in teenagers

18% of US teen are obese* A recent study carried out in the US, Video game playing increases food intake in adolescents: a randomized crossover study, has found that trends in video game playing parallel obesity rates on a population basis. In the first such study of this kind, Canadian and Danish researchers tested their [...]

Cartoon Porn: new Nintendo game only gets PG rating in Australia

Can cartoon characters depicted in a sexualised way be considered porn? The answer is Yes; if 3 of the female characters are under 18 years of age, well endowed, provocatively dressed and the game allows players to look up their skirts and dresses. Other countries such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway have already pulled the Nintendo [...]

Computer games linked to ADHD

An American study linked computer games to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) when it found people who play computer games for around 40 hours a week are more likely to have difficulty paying attention than people who only play computer games for a couple of hours a week. The researchers who conducted the study conceded that [...]

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