Getting teens to follow strict diets in the Fast Track trial is risky, but so is obesity itself

The Fast Track to Health study is a year-long dietary trial in adolescents with obesity. Since it started in Sydney and Melbourne at the end of 2018, it has been criticised for increasing the risk of eating disorders in people who may be especially vulnerable to these conditions. Sydney-based clinical psychologist Louise Adams started up [...]

14 New Facts About What You Can – And Can’t – Eat

Stock Photo This was the week when everything we thought we knew about eating and drinking healthily was turned on its head. First, a damning new study in the British Medical Journal showed that - after all we have been told to the contrary - saturated fat is good for you. Far from being the [...]

How Junk Food Primes The Brain’s Food-Seeking Behaviour

Credit: Maliz Ong/public domain The current epidemic of obesity in developed countries should be a warning for health officials in the developing world with newly opened markets. Food manufacturers, restaurant franchising companies, food supply chains and advertisers collaborate to create environments in which extremely palatable, energy-dense foods and their related cues are readily [...]

Picky Eating In Children Associated With Depression And Anxiety, Study Warns

Picky eating in children is linked to depression and anxiety, according to a new study published Monday. In this photo, dated Dec. 23, 2011, children eat lunch at the Los Angeles Mission's Christmas meal service and toy giveaway in the skid row section of Los Angeles, California. Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn Picky eating among children [...]

6 Ways to Save Your Brain

According to experts, everything from our gadgets to our eating habits and ultimately modern life itself are eroding our brains, chipping away at neural pathways and making us slower, denser and less capable of original thought. Most recently, a study by the University of Montreal, published this month, found that eating large quantities of saturated [...]

A New Study Shows how Eating Trans Fat Affects your Memory

Now, a new study presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2014 has found a link between trans fat and memory impairment. Researchers looked at the eating habits of 1000 healthy men above the age of 20, and postmenopausal women to determine the effect trans fat has on memory. Participants completed a dietary questionnaire [...]

Comfort eaters may consume less in good times

When faced with stress, does the very thought of food turn your stomach, or do you instantly reach for a burger and fries or a bar of chocolate? People who seek solace in food during times of stress are usually the ones told to regulate their bad habits, but new research from Germany finds that, [...]

Helping Young People Develop Healthy Attitudes to Eating

Body image is the number one concern of young Australian females, according to a recent survey of more than 40,000 young people by Mission Australia. Another survey conducted by the Australian Psychological Society this year indicated that while stress levels were on the rise, that eating was the fifth most common strategy that people used to [...]