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Teen girl mag watch: Girlfriend, August 2012

A significant intervention at a critical time in the conversation and about girls, sexualisation and sexuality Girlfriend August 2012 Melinda Tankard Reist Ok, firstly, a disclosure. I’m going to open with some praise for a Girlfriend which, naturally, you the reader could be tempted to think is just because I’m quoted in it and the [...]

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Are students popping pills to boost performance? 

RESEARCH is needed to determine whether significant numbers of Australian students are trying to improve their academic performance by taking diverted prescription stimulants, according to academics from three Australian universities and a Canadian research institute.  Dr Jayne Lucke, principal research fellow at the University of Queensland’s Centre for Clinical Research, said there were anecdotal reports [...]

Mental health in the classroom – are we getting the best out of our kids?

I'd like to pose this question to all those teachers and educators out there - "Are you getting the best out of your kids in the classroom?" I'm not talking about great NAPLAN results, marks on an exam or an ATAR score - I'm talking about reaching the kids in your class and making a [...]

Tips on how to talk to kids about drugs

Paul Dillon, author of "Teenagers, Alcohol and Drugs"and Generation Next speaker says that in today's society children are introduced to drugs from an early age; if they have a cough we give then ‘medicine’ for it. So there is no reason why we can’t introduce the idea of drugs at an early age and build [...]

Top 10 teenager tips: how to say 'no' and still look cool

When it comes to drinking and taking drugs many young people face both social and peer pressures. Their friends might encourage them to drink at parties while social pressures come in many forms. Social pressures can include advertising, seeing the lifestyles of celebrities, or being at a party and seeing people who are drinking or [...]

Schoolies Week – Paul Dillon gives his advice

Over the years I have attended a number of Schoolies Week celebrations and although there have always been incidents, usually linked to excessive alcohol consumption, for the most part I have found the young people to be very well behaved and reasonably sensible. The most concerning aspect of the event is the social pressure on [...]

Social pressure

We should never underestimate the impact that peer pressure can have on our children, particularly when it comes to alcohol, but far more important at this time is ‘social pressure’ or influence. This is something that we rarely talk about, but it is far more likely to affect teenagers’ behaviour as it is much more [...]