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New teaching aid DVD Your Shout discusses the harms of teenage drinking

90% of teenagers have tried alcohol by 15 years of age 20% of teenagers regularly drink at harmful levels A new DVD Your Shout will shortly be introduced into schools around Australia as a teaching aid to help staff discuss the impact drinking has on young people. The DVD features teenagers talking about their experiences [...]

Net Savvy: ThinkUKnow – internet safety for kids

ThinkUKnow ThinkUKnow is a website dedicated to protecting kids online. It shows you how to help kids stay safe and in control when using various forms of new media. It gives teachers, parents and carers the tools they need to keep children safe while still letting them enjoy using emerging technologies. The site has free [...]

Tweens play minx on sordid website

Sleazy lifestyle games website for tweens. A new website was launched in the UK shortly before Christmas aimed at the 'tweens' called My Minx and already it has attracted over 20,000 members, some as young as seven years old. Originally billed as ''Barbie meets Chanel''  the games' creators also made Miss Bimbo, which has over two million members [...]

Television increases risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer

Australian Research has found a link between watching television and ill health, finding that each hour of TV per a day that people watch increases their overall risk of dying form all causes by 11 per cent. The study, published in the journal Circulation, also found that the additional hour increases the risk of dying [...]

Study links internet addiction to self harm

An Australian study published today has linked internet addiction to self harm. The survey of over 1,600 13- to 18-year-olds found that the students who reported signs of moderate to severe internet addiction were twice as likely to report some form of self harm. The study found that one in six of the students surveyed [...]

Psychologist to treat computer game addicts in-game

An English psychologist has announced plans to start treating video game addicts within the fantasy worlds of the games they play. Richard Graham of the Tavistock Clinic, London, believes many addicted gamers do not realise they have a problem, and would benefit the most from someone who understands the game. The game World of Warcraft [...]

Video game addiction

For most people, playing video games is a harmless hobby. For some people however, video games can become an obsession, leading to a number of addictive tendencies including the preference to play games rather then engaging in regular activities. Unfortunately there is a lack of reliable studies examining video game addiction and so little is [...]

Internet addiction – the ultimate mouse trap?

While there is increasingly more awareness of the problems resulting from cyberbullying, an often overlooked component of the whole cybersafety issue is internet and online video game addiction. More and more Australian families are being confronted with this very real and, according to all reports, growing problem. Robert (not his real name) sat in a [...]