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Guest Post: The premature sexualisation of childhood.

By Julie Gale, Kids Free 2B Kids Director. The premature sexualisation of children and young teens is a global issue which has been increasing over the past decade. Our kids are inundated with confusing messages that serve to minimize what it means to be a whole well rounded human being. Popular culture encourages girls to [...]

Guest Post: The call to protect children from soft porn

Guest Post: Julie Gale. Director, Kids Free 2B Kids. Note: This blog necessarily contains explicit material not suitable for children and which may offend some readers. "It is a continual frustration that the media will not print examples of covers of pornographic material sold within view and access of children. (or examples of content and [...]

Soft porn too visible at the sweet shop counter

Generation Next founder Dr Ramesh Manocha and Generation Next seminar speakers Julie Gale (Director Kids Free 2B Kids) and Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (Author and Child & Adolescent Psychologist) were among experts and public figures who signed a letter which was recently sent to the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General Censorship Ministers. Other key figures included: The [...]

Introducing R18+ games into Australia may lead to violence in teenagers

A recent study by Professor Craig Anderson “Violent video game effects on aggression, empathy, and pro-social behaviour in Eastern and Western countries: A meta-analytic review”  has confirmed that young people exposed to violent video games, themselves become more violent. Researchers monitored individuals ranging from young children to university students and covering a wide range of [...]

Generation Next Brisbane has sold out

Generation Next Brisbane is on tomorrow! Speakers including Dr Michael Carr-Gregg  and Paul Dillon will talk on topics including drugs and alcohol, depression, cybersafety and sexualisation to a sold out auditorium in the University of Queensland. If you've missed out you may like to subscribe to the newsletter to keep up with our regular updates [...]

A message from Julie Gale

Issues like the sexualisation and abuse of children aren't humorous. They are serious. The Cotton On store declared in August that it would remove inappropriate slogan t-shirts after public pressure from around Australia and New Zealand - including comments from child development professionals, calling for the removal of the slogan t-shirts. Today in The Herald [...]

Book recommendation: Getting Real

Prominent Australian author and speaker Melinda Tankard Reist recently published a collection of essays on the topics of the sexualisation of girls in Australia. This important book features articles from author Steve Biddulph, Playschool presenter Noni Hazlehurst and Generation Next speaker Julie Gale. We strongly recommend this book and invite you to leave your comments [...]

International experts condemn airbrushed advertisements

45 leading academics, doctors and psychologists from around the world have signed a research paper detailing how pictures of airbrushed (digitally enhanced) models in advertisements can cause serious harm to viewers. The report titled "The Impact of Media Images on Body Image and Behaviours: A Summary of the Scientific Evidence" summarises the research of the [...]

What you can do about the sexualisation of children

I often get asked questions like ‘what can I do?’ about the sexualisation of children. I think the key to change is collective grass-roots action so here are just a few ideas that may help you start your own local campaign: Ask your local video store manager to move the ‘adult only' section away from [...]

Perth Generation Next Seminar next Saturday

Generation Next is coming to Perth! Featuring speakers such as Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Julie Gale, Paul Dillon and Susan McLean, the seminar will provide solutions to the challenges facing generations Y and Z. The seminar will cover a range of topics including cybersafety (including cyberbullying and sexting), the sexualisation of our children in the media, [...]