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Even Monkeys are Better at Seeing Value for Money

Monkeys are savvier than human consumers when it comes to getting value for money, research has shown. Psychological studies have demonstrated how easy it is to fool people into thinking that price reflects quality. In tests, human volunteers consistently prefer the taste of wine poured out of an expensively labelled bottle to exactly the same [...]

This is your Brain on Money

Research on the behaviors of the wealthy, finds that lower class individuals are more generous, charitable, trusting and helpful than upper class individuals. In another study, they find individuals with expensive cars were more likely to cut off other drivers and pedestrians. Further, in laboratory experiments, wealthy participants were more likely to take valued goods, [...]

NSW teachers $2000 out of pocket on school resources

Teachers in NSW public schools spent almost $1900 each from their own pockets to pay for school essentials last year, according to a new study. The survey of more than 1200 primary, secondary, K-12 and special education teachers, conducted by the NSW Teachers Federation, found an average out of pocket expense of $1848, or more [...]

5 tricks stores use to make you spend more money

The man whose job it is to advise companies on how best to sell you things recently wrote an article for Business Insider, ‘How to get someone to buy something’, revealing every trick in the book when it comes to consumer manipulation. The best sales people have mastered the following five things. - Kathleen Lee Joe [...]

The rich kids are not all right

The high rate of maladjustment among affluent adolescents is strikingly counter-intuitive. There is a tacit assumption - even among those most affected - that education and money procure well-being, and that if children falter, they will swiftly get the appropriate services. Education and money may once have served as buffers against distress, but that is [...]

Suicide Rates Up By 5,000 Because Of 2008 Global Recession

The recent global financial crisis led some 5,000 people in 54 countries to commit suicide, according to findings in the British Medical Journal released Thursday. via Suicide Rates Up By 5,000 Because Of 2008 Global Recession: British Medical Journal.

Girlfriend October 2013

Losing your virginity and double standards for men and women: Girlfriend October 2013 Melinda Tankard Reist The article ‘Like a Virgin’, in the October issue of Girlfriend, argues, quite rightly, that there is a double standard when it comes to men losing their virginity and women losing theirs. “It’s time we stopped talking like virginity [...]

Poverty saps mental capacity to deal with complex tasks

The cognitive deficit of being preoccupied with money problems was equivalent to a loss of 13 IQ points, losing an entire night's sleep or being a chronic alcoholic, according to the study. The authors say this could explain why poorer people are more likely to make mistakes or bad decisions that exacerbate their financial difficulties. [...]

Google Unleashes New Weapon And Millions of Dollars To Fight Child Porn

Finally the question of child pornography on the Internet is gaining some real traction and Google, with its huge investment, is to be congratulated for helping to bring that about. via Google Unleashes New Weapon And Millions of Dollars To Fight Child Porn - Forbes.