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The price of affluence: New research shows that privileged teens may be more self-centered–and depressed–than ever before

In a series of studies, Luthar found that adolescents reared in suburban homes with an average family income of $120,000 report higher rates of depression, anxiety and substance abuse than any other socioeconomic group of young Americans today. via The price of affluence: New research shows that privileged teens may be more self-centered--and depressed--than ever [...]

The psychology of online rudeness

A perfect storm of factors come together to engender the rudeness and aggression seen in the comments' sections of Web pages. First, commenters are often virtually anonymous, and thus, unaccountable for their rudeness. Second, they are at a distance from the target of their anger — be it the article they're commenting on or another [...]


iDisorder is where technology is literally making us exhibit signs and symptoms of a whole bunch of psychological disorders including narcissistic personality disorder, depression, attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder even a little bit of schizoid personality via Narcissists Anonymous or the 'iGeneration'.

Getting Kids Active

How much sport should children do? One hour a week? Two? More? What parents believe their child ought to be doing is greatly influenced by their own experiences of sport, and as a PDHPE teacher I’m only too aware that sport isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. One of the messages we convey in our [...]

Health benefits of living in a community

People's physical and mental health is significantly greater in those who have links with their neighbours than those without. "In a typical Australian suburb, people who have links with their neighbours have better health than those who do not," said Professor Bush. "The links are often fairly simple - not only knowing your neighbours but [...]

Bully check

In an attempt to address bullying in schools, ClubsNSW are piloting Bully Check. This program involves those who apply for jobs with ClubsNSW in the Murray region, being investigated as to whether or not they were bullies at school. If they were, then ClubsNSW will not employ them. On the surface at least, this seems [...]

Sexual Content in Movies May Predict Teen Sexual Behavior

A recent study has found that exposure to sexual content in movies increases the chances of children adopting risky behavior later in life. "Adolescents who are exposed to more sexual content in movies start having sex at younger ages, have more sexual partners, and are less likely to use condoms with casual sexual partners," said [...]

Why I regret being a teen model judge and threw my women’s mags away

Many women I know, including myself, have a no women’s/celebrity magazines policy in their home. It was a liberating act for me to throw mine away, though the reasons for doing so are manifold (personal, political and spiritual). I had built up a wall of them and I was held captive, oppressed by their sheer [...]

The War on Teen Vogue: Young Readers Fight for “Real Girls”

Does Teen Vogue digitally zap zits? The magazine’s photos of young women are at the center of a growing squall, sparked by a pair of teenagers who have asked the magazine to show more “real girls.” The magazine says it does not digitally alter anyone's body size and that it shows a slew of real [...]

Macca’s website breached ad rules

CHILDREN'S advocates are claiming a victory in the fast-growing world of online marketing to kids, with McDonald's found in breach of industry standards over a website.  The Advertising Standards Bureau upheld the Cancer Council's complaint about the Happy Meal website, finding that it had breached several clauses of the voluntary code for advertising to children, [...]

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