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How Junk Food Primes The Brain’s Food-Seeking Behaviour

Credit: Maliz Ong/public domain The current epidemic of obesity in developed countries should be a warning for health officials in the developing world with newly opened markets. Food manufacturers, restaurant franchising companies, food supply chains and advertisers collaborate to create environments in which extremely palatable, energy-dense foods and their related cues are readily [...]

9 Factors You Can Control May Be Key to Alzheimer’s Risk

http://plunderofindia.org Up to two-thirds of Alzheimer's cases worldwide may stem from any of nine conditions that often result from lifestyle choices, a broad research review suggests. Those include obesity (specifically, high body mass index, an indication of obesity, in midlife); carotid artery disease, in which plaque buildup narrows major neck arteries and slows [...]

Obesity and Body Image by Prof Susan Sawyer

Professor Susan Sawyer spoke at the 2015 Melbourne Mental Health and Wellbeing of Young People seminar. Her presentation on Obesity and Body Image was acclaimed by hundreds of teachers, counsellors and social workers who attended the seminar. Her talk was recorded and can be viewed below.

Loneliness as Bad as Obesity and Heavy Smoking

While the elderly are more likely to live alone, younger adults are likelier to have their life expectancy cut due to growing isolation, the researchers said. Loneliness is defined as living alone and social isolation as being lonely even when “surrounded by lots of people” said the study conducted at Brigham Young University in Utah, [...]

Just a Half Hour of Lost Sleep Linked Weight Gain

Think twice the next time you don't get as much sleep as you need: A new study suggests that missing just 30 minutes of shuteye during weeknights could boost your weight and disrupt your metabolism. Many people skimp on sleep during the week and try to make up for it on the weekend, wrote study [...]

Sugary Soft Drinks Linked to Accelerated Aging

You knew that drinking sugary sodas could lead to obesity, diabetes and heart attacks — but, according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, it may also speed up your body’s aging process. - Lindsey Bever via Study: Sugary sodas linked to accelerated aging - The Washington Post.

Putting Profits Before Health

Can you remember watching Jamie’s School Dinners and being horrified at what UK and US schools were serving up to kids on a daily basis? Can you remember shaking your head in disbelief as school principals, canteen supervisors and local administrators continually argued that healthy food wasn’t financially viable in a school setting? I mean, [...]

Anglicans: Ditch the chaplaincy programme

Public schools should spend  on tackling obesity and promoting wellness and positive psychology rather than the untested chaplaincy program that are in hundreds of the state's schools, the head of Sydney's Anglican Education Commission has argued. - Alexandra Smith via Anglicans: No chaplains, scripture in public schools.

Australian children and adolescents increasingly use psychotropic drugs

"This is a major concern. Antipsychotics are strong drugs with serious side effects such as obesity, diabetes and sedation, and these tend to be worse in young people. Despite this, these drugs are increasingly used in situations where other treatments may be safer and more appropriate," said Karanges. Use of the main ADHD medication Ritalin [...]

Children less fit than their parents

Around the world, many children do not run as far or as fast as their parents did when they were kids, according to a large study presented at a scientific meeting in the US recently. The study concludes that today's kids are about 15% less aerobically fit than their parents were at their age. And in the US, [...]