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Police operation to target drunken violence this weekend

Police in capital cities around Australia and New Zealand are tonight preparing for a weekend of high-visibility policing aimed at reducing alcohol fuelled violence. The two day blitz titled Operation Unite will start tonight at 6pm, and will focus on tackling alcohol fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour, especially violence. Thousands of extra police will be [...]

Paul Dillon – Most young people haven’t done drugs

Last night I was watching TV and saw a news advertisement about young people and drug use. Over the top of an image or a group of young people was superimposed the words One third of all young people have used an illegal drug. That statistic sounds pretty scary for parents, and it is – [...]

Parents often too late with children's sexual education

An American study has found that by the time most parents attempt to discuss sexual health with their children they are already sexually active. The study of 141 13- to 17-year-olds found that half of the teens surveyed had already engaged in sexual activities by the time their parents attempted to teach them about sex. [...]

Study links internet addiction to self harm

An Australian study published today has linked internet addiction to self harm. The survey of over 1,600 13- to 18-year-olds found that the students who reported signs of moderate to severe internet addiction were twice as likely to report some form of self harm. The study found that one in six of the students surveyed [...]

Generation Next at your school

We are currently in the process of planning the 2010 Generation Next series. Thanks to your feedback we have learned a lot of lessons about how best to run the events and use the limited financial and other resources available to us. Importantly, in 2010 we would like to explore the possibility of running the [...]

Teen binge drinking – Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Australia seems to be in the grip of a teen binge drinking Ebola. The contagion slips insidiously from family to family, school to school, suburb to suburb. You can't see it or smell it but it burrows in to teenage psyches and then roars into life.  The public health doctors have no cure.  They've thrown [...]

International experts condemn airbrushed advertisements

45 leading academics, doctors and psychologists from around the world have signed a research paper detailing how pictures of airbrushed (digitally enhanced) models in advertisements can cause serious harm to viewers. The report titled "The Impact of Media Images on Body Image and Behaviours: A Summary of the Scientific Evidence" summarises the research of the [...]

Tell your kids- Vomiting when drinking

In many cases, drinking too much alcohol will make you sick and you will stop drinking. There are many old wives’ tales about why someone vomits after drinking, but the real reason is quite simple- you’ve been poisoned. Your brain actually has specialised poison-control cells that detect when you have had too much alcohol and [...]

Indirect television exposure increases aggression in 3-year-olds

An American study has linked television use to aggression in three-year-olds, even if the child wasn't watching the TV. The study which collected survey data from over 3,000 mothers found that indirect exposure, such as the TV use by other members of the household, increased aggression in the children and could have a detrimental impact [...]

New campaign combats cyberbullying

Earlier this week a new cyberbullying educational campaign titled Cyber Bullying Affects Real Lives was launched. The  interactive multimedia campaign aims to raise awareness of cyberbullying and the impact it can have. Featuring a two-minute YouTube video and an interactive online game called Web Warriors, the campaign hopes to engage with and educate children on [...]

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